Sunday, August 8, 2010

Florian Satzinger

I don't usually post work from other artists, especially when it's ten times better than my own work :). But I'll gladly make an exception this time! My good friend Chris Evans sent me this beautiful book: DUCK: Birds and Pencils and Sundry Things and Hobs by one Florian Satzinger. It's not a story as such, but a wild and awesome collection of duck sketches in crazy flying machines and other fantastic adventures. Have look, it's great!

Check Florian Satzinger's weblog Paperwalker


  1. Found you off Medina's blog! The work looks awesome! I'm loving the line quality of it all!

  2. Thank you Jajsyot! Your work looks fantastic too! I like the vector art, the T-shirt prints, and especially the sketchy-style character (you?) that you use in the Dessert post. You're a very good artist, so I'm flattered you like my work.
    But ...just to be sure: the post you reacted on is not my work!

  3. Hi Arjan, thanks for featuring my little book! That was a great surprise. I appreciate that very much. I'm a big admirer of your work, cheers!

  4. Hi Florian!?! Well, this is an even greater surprise for me :) Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words! As for the post, my pleasure. Your 'little book' has rapidly become one of my all-time favourites. Apart from enjoying the fantastic designs and colours, it's so much fun to imagine what sort of stories and adventures are behind the pictures.I look through it every day, it's really inspiring!